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After the end of street construction for the tram, you can only use the Schwetzinger Straße city inward. If this is to inconvenient for you, we simply come to you! You can choose of our complete assortment! For example:

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We start supplying *) Value without pledge and tobacco
Of course we'll take back our empties by the next delivery. Please order per phone (06221-) 783911


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In the center stands the human, whose promotion and preservation of his health is particularly important to him. In addition to that belongs the uncompromising support of ecological agriculture connected with its natural and social compatible targets. In fact, it doesn't only depend on the conceiving and promoting of the soil fertility but also to manage economic fairly and socially. Particularly importantly for us is the special taste and benefit value of the food as well. Thus we put increased value on best quality and processing of the products. Good handling in the sale and discussion with the customers guarantees so the excellent service, which you can expect.