The kitchen in November


Experience with all reflects: Art exhibition opening and cooking

If the days become shorter again, the remaining leaves of the trees are falled
and first hoarfrost covers everything white, the frost let us see and experience 
the nature new again, we pull ourselves back in our kitchens and heated rooms. 
Now cosiness comes fast with the sizzling stove fire. You want to cook and 
bake more again. The summer was great, the yearly harvest is brought in, 
the food-storages are filled with the gifts of nature and human work,
the doing in the fields and gardens. Many people have a horror of the 
sometimes a little bit monotonously days of November, but who is active 
at the stove in relating to crafts and creative type, does not come into 
cloudy-gloomy tendency. It shows up in that variety of the colorful 
vegetables, what sun, wind, rain and above all cosmic forces have given 
to us over the year. The even late  and well developed vegetables with 
its hard and fixed flats and the pronounced fine taste give an idea of each 
contemporary, what you can create by successful cooking-art.
         This event took place on Friday 26 November 2004 
            in your health-food "La casa verde".

You can look here for the picture-galery of the cooking-art and the works 
of the two Kirchheimer artists.