Stefan Schlagowsky

Stefan Schlagowsky-Molkenthin

Our philosophically wine evening

took place on 16 december 2005

Wine and spirit

The Greeks have shown it to us: Reflecting joy and "love to the wisdom" 
(literally translated = "Philosophy") connect and accelerate themselves 
mutually. Apollon as God of the reason and Dionysos as wine God work as powerful
opponents in the mediterrane God sky. 
Up to the today's time the opposing of reason and sinnlichkeit is coining/shaping 
for our culture of the evening country.

A philosophically wine evening

In this philosophical wine evening In loose atmosphere we want to follow tracks of the 
interaction of wine and philosophy however not only in the theory, but also in practice. 
Gudrun Neef as a specialist for fine wines will present good drops from her program to us. 
In addition noble Haeppchen from the La casa Verde cheese assortment will be presented. 
The philosophical foundation of the connection of wine and philosophy and the evening 
accompanying and deepening samples from the culture of the evening country and 
spirit kitchen serve Stefan Schlagowsky-Molkenthin.
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